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Stretch ceilings
A stretch ceiling is an important interior design element that serves to create a unique and personal atmosphere in any sort of environment. As a matter of fact, the range of stretch ceilings application is limitless.
Why stretch ceilings?
• Makes it possible to bring to life the boldest design ideas;
• Stretch ceilings have a huge advantage when installed in new buildings; their appearance will not change in case of shrinkage whereas a ceiling behind them may develop cracks and cavities;
• SAROS DESIGN stretch ceilings are suitable for both new construction and for renovation, redesign and interior design decoration. Stretch ceilings are simple and quick to install (a few hours depending on the room size to be treated). There is no dirt during installation;
• Stretch ceilings are ideally suited to high humidity areas as the material used for them is unaffected by moisture and does not fear condensation;
• In case of leaking stretch ceilings can hold up to 100 kg per square meter;
• Stretch ceilings are shock-proof (they absorb impacts caused e.g. by a ball or a Champagne cork), will not crack, fade and change colour with time

A variety of surface designs will emphasize the style of the room and create your own unique image. Depending on your preferences, you can limit yourself to a laconic classic or show your imagination by playing with images and textures.

In comparison with other types of finishing stretch ceilings have a number of undeniable advantages:
• They do not let moisture in and can withstand a large volume of water (up to 100 kg/m²) in case of flooding.
• After drying, the material takes its initial shape without any problems. This is why they are particularly relevant for bathrooms.
• Stretch ceilings do not require special maintenance. Furthermore, they do not attract dust. It is sufficient to wipe them with a soft cloth as needed.
• The longevity of the materials will allow for many years without replacing the ceilings.
• Installation is fast and does not require radical movements of furniture. Usually the whole process takes no more than 2-3 hours.

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